Recycled and Recyclable Packaging

All Element Square products are packaged with as little packaging as required to safely get the piece to your door. We use recycled cardboard boxes and recycled cardboard padding inside the box. Most communities recycle cardboard at the curb so you too can continue to recycle the box and packaging before you sit down to enjoy your furniture. We have also designed the majority of our product to ship in boxes that are as small as possible. This helps on a couple of different levels, 1) it makes the shipping less expensive and 2) it means more products can shipped on the same truck, plane, boat, train, etc. helping to cut down on shipping emissions in general.

Made in Canada

By purchasing raw materials from Canada and the USA for manufacturing our products in Canada we reduce shipping distance both to our facility and out to our customers. Many products made in China actually start their life in Canada as raw material shipped to China to be manufactured, and then shipped back to Canada as finished goods for distribution. Being made in Canada means a lot to us since we live and work in Canada and so do our employees. You can be sure that our employees earn a better than living wage, receive health care benefits, Holidays and Vacation pay, are eligible for retirement plans, and actually like their job. By purchasing products from Element Square and other companies who also manufacture in Canada you help to perpetuate the local economies of Canada and North America directly. Thank you!

Consolidated Production Creates Less Waste

We run our production schedule with a one week delay to better utilize raw material yield and create better efficiencies in our plant. By delaying one week we can allow orders of similar colours to build-up and thus cut more parts at one time to utilize more of the raw material. It is sort of like rolling out cookie dough and either cutting one cookie at a time or cutting out a dozen at once. Better yields and improved efficiencies help us to cut costs and waste less material.