Element Square Customer
Over the years, we’ve purchased eight Element Square Muskoka chairs. We’ve always been attracted to the premium look, material, comfort, finish and quality. And we’ve learned first-hand that they’re super hard wearing and durable. Due to a problem of our own making, we recently needed after-market service help from the company. Their response was truly outstanding…. one of the best customer service experiences I’ve ever had!
Stuart Schipper
Toronto, Ontario
Element Square Customer
My family loves our Element Square chairs. We keep them outside at the cottage year round. They have never blown over on the deck and they clean-up easily. We currently have two chairs but when we expand our deck next year we will definitely be buying other pieces.
Anne Carpenter
Oakville, Ontario
Element Square Customer
The chairs are fabulous! Your body starts to relax as soon as you are seated. They are very well designed and sturdy. I never feel like the chair might collapse as I have with other chairs, you know that you are sitting on a very solid piece of furniture. I have also purchased chairs for house warmings and wedding gifts.
Robert Jones
Hamilton, Ontario
Element Square Customer
We purchased our beautiful bright yellow chairs last summer and after sitting in them we rarely used our other lawn furniture. They are truly fantastic, comfortable, sturdy, and to clean I just use a power washer. The chairs have been outside all winter, and it was a long and snowy one this year, they still look brand new - as wonderful as the day I brought them home.
Wendy Taylor
Burlington, Ontario
Element Square Customer
We love the Element chairs because they are sturdy and strong.
Our Element chairs are easy-care - we leave them out on our deck year-round. We are retired and find our Element chairs easy to get into and out of. Even our friends have found our Element chairs to be comfortable - both old and young. We enjoy the tete-a-tete chairs while eating breakfast on the deck.
Judy and Norm
Machias, NY
Element Square Customer
My Element Square chairs and deck box are awesome. As a corporate executive time is very precious to myself and my family. Since purchasing our outdoor furniture, maintenance and storage are no longer issues. Due to it's incredible durability and construction it is not affected by the seasons. I never worry about having to sand, stain, paint nor even be concerned with the wind blowing it into the water. It satisfies our needs and requires no attention what so ever.
I continue to receive positive comments about the craftsmanship and comfort from the many visitors we entertain. "Element Square Forever".
Michael McCarney
Stoney Lake, Kawartha, Ontario