Tapered Planter - 15 Gal. Tapered Planter - 15 Gal.

Tapered Planter - 15 Gal.

$300.00 CAD


Introducing our 15 gallon Tapered Planter, the perfect addition to any outdoor space. Its beautifully tapered sides add a touch of design flair that will complement any décor, and it can be used alone or as part of a set with our 25 and 40 gallon Tapered Planters. Like all of our products, this planter is built to last, with high-quality materials and superior craftsmanship. It's weather-resistant, so you can leave it outside year-round, and it won't deteriorate, rot, splinter or swell. Add some greenery to your outdoor living space with our stunning 15 gallon Tapered Planter.